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Bringing World to the Classroom aims to support the study and teaching of English in Slovakia. It also inspires interest in important public issues among young people. The podcast is supported by the US Embassy in Slovakia. (Description by The Slovak Spectator)

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Friday Sep 18, 2020

Andrej Grman, a recent LEAF Academy graduate, reveals how and why he ended up in the academy and what the school taught him. 
EXAM TOPIC: Education | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Wednesday Aug 26, 2020

Roma student and volunteer Daniel Bunda shares his experience with discrimination and suggestions of how to fix things.
EXAM TOPIC: Human relationships | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec 

Friday Jul 24, 2020

The Slovak-Colombian photographer, Gustavo Pizano, shares his experience with Slovaks, what he finds frustrating, and why he doesn’t love rocky Croatian beaches.   
EXAM TOPIC: Multicultural society | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec 

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

The World Economic Forum has published a report on future jobs and required skills. Selfactory co-founder Iveta Tonhauserová explains what new skills people in Slovakia need and why a career in the IT sector is a promising path.
EXAM TOPIC: Jobs | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday May 22, 2020

Researcher Erik Szabó of the Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava demonstrates chemistry can be fun. He also talks about his research, young talents and Slovak science. 
EXAM TOPIC: Science & Technology | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday Apr 24, 2020

The Slovak Spectator Editor-in-Chief Michaela Terenzani explains how Slovak media has changed since the 2018 murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and how The Slovak Spectator came about 25 years ago.
EXAM TOPIC: Mass Media | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday Mar 27, 2020

University students from Slovakia work in amusement parks or as lifeguards in the USA each summer. Why should you visit a national park instead? Listen to Soňa Kolenčíková’s recollection of her Work & Travel experience from Yellowstone National Park.  
EXAM TOPIC: Travelling | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday Feb 28, 2020

The Earth will somehow survive. But what about humankind? Climate change has become a global issue in recent months. Fridays for Future Slovakia explains what needs to be done in order to save young people's future.
EXAM TOPIC: People & Nature | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday Jan 24, 2020

Michal Kišša, co-CEO of the Pontis Foundation, describes some of Pontis' projects, including Our City and Good Country, and does not avoid answering questions about funding.
EXAM TOPIC: Civil Society | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

Friday Dec 13, 2019

He and his colleague, Zuzana Hlávková, quit Slovakia's Foreign Ministry over a fraudulent public procurement of a logo presentation of the Slovak EU Presidency. What was it like to report the inefficient spending of public money? And did they succeed? Pavol Szalai from recounts his story.
EXAM TOPIC: Young People and Their World | HOST: Peter Dlhopolec

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